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I’m confused on what Reign Dance productions is verses Abby’s dance studio? Are they connected?

’ Reign Dance Productions is the studio, if you were to only take classes there and you weren’t on a competing team you would be dancing at RDP. The ALDC is pretty much the competition part of the studio, which includes the Dance Moms team. If I’m wrong someone please correct me! -Jessie

quick question: what do you have to do to win a crown at a dance competition? sorry if its a dumb question but ive never been a competetive dancer so i dont know:)

for most competitions to win a crown you have to win 1st overall in your age group. usually there is a mini, junior, teen, and senior division. if you win the overall, most likely you will get a crown (unless that competition doesn’t give out crowns that is). xoxo Jules
Is Abby really as crazy as she seems or is it all made up by the producers to get more ratings? Because ill tell anyone; IDC how good she is, she's evil and not good for children

the moms and kids say Abby is worse off camera and the producers make her seem nicer than she actually is.
xoxo Jules

we’ve just hit 14k! Thank you all for your constant support and patience with us. A lot of admins are currently locked out of this account but hopefully they’ll be back soon so we can make even more confessions.

xoxo Jules