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You guys are the best, people should understand that you have lives and you can't be on tumblr all day, it's not your job, this is something you guy do in your free time!

Thank you! We will try to get confessions posted soon!

You should get an admin who can post

Well anon, what do you think we’re doing now?

Could you maybe write a NICE confession about Maddie, for once?

We love maddie! We’ve created many positive confessions about all the girls

I think carly secretly works for other tumblrs by ruining this one being mean to everyone, just look at her replies to the NACs.

Carly has done nothing wrong! She is the sweetest. Hate will not be tolerated on this blog so you can leave

NAC: why are u answering ur hate and not making ur confessions? MAKE THE CONFESSIONS INSTEAD OF THE HATE 😅

Again, I’m on mobile. I can’t make confessions at the time

dance-mom-confessions is wayyyy more active they post tons of confessions everyday AND they answer NAC'S.

NAC: This blog is ridiculous. Hire admins who can be active and fire admins who never go on. I understand you're all busy, but you can't log in once a week, post 2-4 things, and then leave for several more days. Get it together.

go to college and get a full time job. see how much you post on tumblr then. 

Christie's announcement is about a new TV show about the Lukasiaks. Also please get rid of Carly.

carly does a lot for this blog. So stop being rude. Come off anon and say that again. Also your information is false. You’re just making yoursefl look like an idiot. 


even if you don’t live in canada, you could have canadian followers, don’t you dare scroll past this.